Mythologien auf Leinwand – Gemälde von Susanne Haun

A really interesting variety of intriguing and memorable works.

Susanne Haun

Ich zeichne gerne groß!


Seit neustem habe ich meine Leinwände und größeren Zeichnungen in der Pariser Online Galerie singulart (hier kommt ihr klick zu meinem Portfolio) eingestellt. Letzten November wurde ich angesprochen, ob ich Mitglied dieser Galerie werden möchte. Meine Betreuerin Andrea ist immer telefonisch oder per Mail für mich da. Ich fühle mich von singulart gut betreut.

Wer mehr über die Galerie singulart (auch im Vergleich zu saatchie) erfahren möchte, kann beim bbk Berlin einen Workshop, den ich leite, besuchen. Mehr erfahrt ihr hier (klick).

Ganz einfach Kunst online Kaufen: Singulart ist eine zeitgenössische Online-Kunstgalerie, welche es Kunstsammlern und Kunstliebhabern ermöglicht, Kunstwerke mit der Sicherheit zu kaufen, dass Sie von national anerkannten Künstlern kaufen: abstrakte Gemälde figurative Malerei, Zeichnungen oder sogar Street Art Graffiti-Kunst. Wir bieten Ihnen eine internationale Auswahl an Stilen und Techniken. Ebenfalls verhilft Singulart jungen, aufstrebenden Künstlern der ganzen Welt ihre…

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Andrea Camilleri

Great tv series and lovely views of Sicily and Bella Vista. He will be much missed.

By Marco Tambara via Wikimedia Commons

We were saddened to hear of the death of Andrea Camilleri, aged 93, one of Italy’s best-loved authors. For so many readers he had brought Sicily to life, capturing the difficult social problems of the island with affection and humour.

In 2014 we posted on this blog a piece to celebrate his Montalbano series. Since then we have continued to acquire further works in the series, the most recent being:

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“They see us as a Third World Country” I.D.S.and Lapsus Linguae

“There is something wrong with our ships” said Admiral Beatty as the line of battle-cruisers succumbed and sank at the Battle of Jutland. Perhaps, not the most encouraging remark to make in the heat of battle. Similarly, under some degree of pressure, last week, Admiral Lord West , a former First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, has been critical of the Tories being so obsessed with their leadership contest that important responsibilities in the Gulf have been neglected. It is not that something is wrong with our ships but that we simply don’t have enough ships any more. In any event one rather expects plain speaking from military men-from politicians you expect a more nuanced approach.

The fear of our national decline was revealed this morning when Iain Duncan Smith had a fascinating slip of the tongue revealing so much about his general mind-set, and I think of the general fears of Brexiteers when he described in an interview with Andrew Marr how he thinks we are seen in Europe. “They see us as a third world country” he stumbled and tried to cover up this remark. However, these words indicate a deep sense of shame and inferiority which is being felt by members of “the ruling class” so-called. Indeed, this kind of feeling lies behind the bravado which is the stock in trade of Farage and his acolytes-and indeed his financial supporters like the egregious Aaron Banks.

Most importantly, our obligations to Third World Countries are not just neglected -the Government encouragement of the Arms Trade has had disastrous consequences.

Adventures in Bohemia

Fascinating posting and covers so much. Been reading a Viennese writer, Thomas Bernhard and wishing I was there too!

the adventurous ethnographer

Come here, all you Bohemians, seafarers, dock whores, and ships
unanchored. Don’t you want to be Bohemians, all you Illyrians,
Veronese and Venetians. Play the comedies that make us laugh

until we cry.

Bohemia Lies by the Sea‘ by Ingeborg Bachmann

I was staring out of the train window enjoying getting lost in my thoughts. My mind wandered back to the last few days I had spent in Vienna where I had been joyously reacquainting myself with its streets again since my trip last year. This included doing my usual favourites: mooching into small vintage shops, taking pictures of all the shop signs, meeting friends for wine, frequenting those old coffee houses for apple strudel. I did some new things too: visited some new galleries and exhibitions and shrugged off the searing heat by swimming in the public lake just outside the city. Vienna will always be a…

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Lazy Days -Listening to the Radio and Podcasts

It is a time when political matters appear to be quite falling apart as the boring pedantic  Johnson  scrabbles his way to power. The badly led opposition seems occupied in necessary self-immolation.Consequently, everyone needs some relief from the current tedium and the dear old Radio Times proves useful as it suggests highly interesting programmes in odd recherche places.

New angles on post-war Germany and Austria

proved to be one such opportunity and last night’s programme compared by the heyzerik  but delightful  Anne McElvoy with Florian Huber, Sophie Hardach, Adam Scovell and Tom Smith have produced a very interesting programme. If you have time, you will find it at

Thefull  details are at

Among the topics discussed is the work of the great Austrian novelist and prize-winner, Thomas Bernhard

Image result for thomas bernhard

The programme includes Bernhard’s account of his days in the Cafe Braunerhof.

Image result for cafe braunerhof vienna


.The following 1948nEast German poster sets the tone of the programme too.

For anyone interested in literary podcasts and programmes, the following link may prove of use-