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Helen Vendler, professor at Harvard University, has a new book about Yeats, Our Secret Discipline (good title). As excited as I am about this, I will not have the time to read it until the Christmas break. Though I can’t read the whole thing now, I have been opening a couple presents early this year, and have perused the first couple chapters and preface. In the preface Vendler says she will be focusing on the form of Yeats’s poetry throughout her book, as she feels it is the largest void in Yeats criticism. Let me just say, what I have read thus far is delicious, and when I have time over break, I will be writing more about Dr. Vendler’s new book. For the time being, I can’t help but talk about something she raised in the first chapter, titled “Lyric Form in Yeats’s Poetry.” The chapter examines the forms…

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