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Art of the Russias

In 1914, A. V. Lunacharsky was the Paris correspondent of the Kiev newspaper ‘Kievan Thought’. He wrote several articles under the title Young Russia in Paris, among which were his impressions of David Shterenberg (6 February), Marc Chagall (14 March), A. F. Zholtkevich (15 June), and Iosif Teper (6 July).  [I mentioned this series in an earlier post on the Jews of the Russian Avant-Garde.] He intended, he said, to bring to his readers’ attention several young Russian artists whose fame was hardly thunderous and hiding in obscure silence. (Flowery, eh?) Paris, he said, had become a big centre of Russian art: it attracted youth from every corner, thirsting for creativity and beauty. More than that, the attraction was not for Paris’s own great past arts or contemporary unrecognised art; rather, it was for the uncontrolled and reckless pursuit of every possibility. Parisian trends were evident even back home…

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