A vigorous colourful futurist and cubist from Penza where Lenin had problems with the kulaks in 1918

Art of the Russias

Aristarkh Lentulov (Аристарх Васильевич Лентулов) (1882-1943) was a Russian avant-garde artist with a Cubist predilection. He was born in the Penza province in an impoverished family of a parish priest (his mother was widowed early with four children, of whom he was the youngest). His early education was in a religious school, following which he entered a seminary. However, when an art school opened in Penza, he was among the first entrants. He received advanced training in the arts in Kiev, followed by training at the St Petersburg-based studio of D. Kardovsky. In 1909, he moved to Moscow.

He was one of the co-founders of the famous avant-garde union ‘Jack of Diamonds’, and participated in its exhibitions between 1909 and 1917. From his first exhibition, there was much argument among the critics and the public as to his merits. The former called his works an ‘irreconcilable abracadabrist’, while to the…

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