Some interesting fin de siècle paintings

Art of the Russias

[This is a loose translation of N. I. Baburina, S. N. Artamonova, ‘Women in Russian Poster Art of the Early XX Century‘, 27 March 2009.]

The image of woman, who gives life to mankind, has occupied from ancient times an important place in the iconography of illustrative art. It manifests itself in the images of the Madonna and the Mother Goddess – the most important representation in painting, sculpture and iconography from the very earliest times to this day. The appearance of women formed the basis for a variety of symbolic images, representing science and art, politics and nature.

The art of print advertising, emerging in the latter half of the 19th century, sought its own ideals, heroes and symbols. The symbol of ‘poster art’ (under which name the concept entered artistic life) could be a female image hearkening back to antiquity (as in the work of Elizaveta…

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