Peretz Hirschbein, Yiddish Theatre and possible parallels with the History Plays

Hirschbein, actor and dramatist founded the first Art Theatre in Odessa in 1908 which produced plays in Yiddish. His first play, having been written in Hebrew, was Miriam. His most important plays; the Blacksmith’s Daughter (1915) and Green Fields (1919) are idylls of Jewish country life and according to the Oxford Companion to the Theatre,… Continue reading Peretz Hirschbein, Yiddish Theatre and possible parallels with the History Plays

Norman Levine –the view from an ethereal distance

  Auden’s lines are well-known:- As the hawk sees it or the helmeted airman: The clouds rift suddenly – Watching recently a video of the Canadian writer and poet, Norman Levine who lived in St Ives during the creative upsurge of painters and sculptors, the quality of observation from a distance in this man’s work… Continue reading Norman Levine –the view from an ethereal distance

Sven and other men

SVEN BERLIN – Newly Discovered Paintings and Drawings from the Artist’s Studio The current exhibition at the Belgrave Gallery at 22 Fore Street in St Ives is one of the most interesting, vibrant and cheerful displays on the scene in this early part of the year. It chimes in well with the recent display of… Continue reading Sven and other men

Musings about the Comedy Form

Ricky Gervais has effectively realised how amusing creatures can appear in his show Animals and with his book Flanimals. The exhibition currently at the Natural History Museum is entitled “Sexual Nature” and John Walsh in today’s Independent (11th Feb 2011) has penned a wry article entitled, “The male snail who likes to give his lady… Continue reading Musings about the Comedy Form

People: Essays and Poems by Susan Hill (1983).

This lively collection of essays and poetry was produced for Oxfam, introduced by Susan Hill,it also contains some most interesting drawings following the chapter by David Piper who was director of the Fitzwilliam Museum and fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge (1967-1973), and first director of the Ashmolean Museum (1973-1985). Other contributors, include Margaret Drabble, Michael Holroyd, P J Kavanagh… Continue reading People: Essays and Poems by Susan Hill (1983).

Andrew Motion Salt Water-Tortoise

This collection, “Salt Water” came out in 1997 when Motion was getting interested in Keats about whom he has written an  excellent ,well-received biography see:- The following poem I found rather appealing:- Tortoise Here is a man who served his generals faithfully and over the years had everything shot away starting from the feet and… Continue reading Andrew Motion Salt Water-Tortoise

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Reading Shapiro’s 1599

This is an excellent introduction to the plays that Shakespeare wrote in this very productive year. The fascinating account begins with a description of the theatre moving down from Shoreditch to the Southbank and its subsequent reconstruction. There is a useful summary of some of the leading actors among the Chamberlain’s Men. There is a… Continue reading Reading Shapiro’s 1599

Winter Light Exhibition at Morvah Schoolhouse

In the wind and the rain on Sunday we made our way across to the Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery.The current exhibition finishes last week to be followed by a new display from this Thursday,13th Jan. It is a  Mixed Exhibition of Printmaking, Paintings & Drawings by John Krcma, Sally Krcma, Jane Townsend, Roger Wilson. The atmosphere… Continue reading Winter Light Exhibition at Morvah Schoolhouse

Reading Michael Frayn

My Father’s Fortune: A Life I am currently greatly enjoying reading this memoir;it is engaging, moving ,insightful and altogether a thoroughly good read. People might well want to know where they can read reviews of books such quality. I would strongly recommend The Bookbag