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Auguste Renoir 8: 1901-1905

Some lovely and intriguing paintings!

The Eclectic Light Company

When Renoir entered the twentieth century, his painting was successful. Figurative works, portraits and a steady stream of nudes, were much in demand, although he hadn’t changed his style or approach too much. It was in his landscapes, painted more for his own pleasure, that he was most progressive, and truly Post-Impressionist. By the start of 1901, a total of eight of his paintings were in French museums, and many had sold for good sums to collectors both in Europe and the USA.

His life, though, was limited by his progressively worsening rheumatoid arthritis. He regularly ‘took the waters’ at healing spas around France, and was spending more time each year in the more comfortable warmth of the south of France. When he stayed in the north, he preferred to be near his wife’s family in Essoyes, where he had a property. In the summer of 1901, he exchanged a…

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Impressions…Vladivostok, Russia

Great photographs!!


After Blagovechensk we took the night train to Khabarovsk and then onto Vladivostok. An impressive Russian city on the pacific, where my great-grandfather Adolf Dattan was running the Kunst & Albers department store until the First World War. It was such a fantastic trip, following the footsteps of of our ancestor and to understand more about his life and achievements.

Thank you also for everyone at the Arseniev Museum, for the private tour of the Kunst & Albers exhibition and through the city. It was so inspiring to hear more about Adolf Dattan’s life, to visit the former department store, the Dattan house and former dining hall he built, and to find out that he also used to produce fashion and porcelain for Kunst & Albers.

Thank you for everyone who helped making it an amazing and unforgettable trip!!

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Looks brilliant and so important for Europe today.

Pendant les 12 années qu’elle dura, l’Affaire Dreyfus déchira la France, provoquant un véritable séisme dans le monde entier.
Dans cet immense scandale, le plus grand sans doute de la fin du XIXème siècle, se mêlent erreur judiciaire, déni de justice et antisémitisme. L’affaire est racontée du point de vue du Colonel Picquart qui, une fois nommé à la tête du contre-espionnage, va découvrir que les preuves contre le Capitaine Alfred Dreyfus avaient été fabriquées.
A partir de cet instant et au péril de sa carrière puis de sa vie, il n’aura de cesse d’identifier les vrais coupables et de réhabiliter Alfred Dreyfus.

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Auguste Renoir 5: 1886-90

What a peaceful world he painted.

The Eclectic Light Company

The early 1880s had been a time of great change for Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). He and his partner and favourite model Aline Charigot had their first child in 1885, and he was working on what he intended to be a masterwork, The Large Bathers, in which he introduced a new style derived from his studies of Old Masters in Italy. Sadly, that flopped when he completed it in 1887, by which time he had started to suffer bouts of depression.

In 1886, he exhibited eight paintings in the Salon des XX in Brussels, following which thirty-two were shown in New York, and brought good sales.

renoirumbrellas Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), The Umbrellas (c 1881-86), oil on canvas, 180.3 x 114.9 cm, The National Gallery (Sir Hugh Lane Bequest, 1917), London. Courtesy of and © The National Gallery, London.

The Umbrellas from about 1881-86 is packed not only with people, but their umbrellas…

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