Review – ‘A Concise History of Britain,’ by F. E. Halliday

Been looking at F.E.H. and his friendship with C Day-Lewis:-



‘A Concise History of Britain’ by F. E. Halliday is a useful, summarizing overview of the British Isles history. By using comprehensible and deeply argued explanations, the study of Halliday encompasses interesting topics such as ‘Early Invaders,’‘Three Centuries of Peace –43 to 410–,’ ‘The Rise and Fall of Wessex –410 to 1066–,’ ‘From Despotism to Anarchy –1066 to 1154–,’ and ‘The Making of the Nation –1154 to 1307.’ Additionally, charts, photographs, maps, and paintings make the reader feel he or she is closer to the subject matter. The book is indeed an astonishing touch on British history for civilisation investigators.

The first chapter, ‘Early Invaders,’ describes how England is, how it is gradually peopled by humans, and how the then invasions take place. After general features of the English territory –flat land, lower ground with uplands and valleys–, the story begins with Stone Age hunters arriving…

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