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The Art of Anders Zorn 1: Portraits of success

I think it worth pointing out that Zorn painted fishermen and fish sales in 1888 in St Ives, Cornwall. David Tovey remarks that his painting in the Luxembourg, Paris brought many visitors to the town.

The Eclectic Light Company

The story of the career of Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860–1920) isn’t quite rags-to-riches, but he was born to an unmarried mother, and never even met his father, a Bavarian brewer who met her when she was doing seasonal work in a brewery in Uppsala. Zorn was brought up on the family farm near the village of Mora, in Dalarna, central Sweden. His itinerant father died in 1872, providing his son with a small legacy which enabled education at a grammar school in the distant town of Enköping.

While he was there, Zorn must have showed artistic talent, as in 1875, at the age of only fifteen, he won himself a place to study sculpture at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. He left the beautiful rolling lakelands of Dalarna for the crowded capital. It was there that he discovered that watercolour painting was his forte, and…

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Troubles, by J G Farrell, winner of The Lost Booker Prize, 1970

As far as I can discern JGF is a fine writer. Interesting to compare with Elizabeth Bowen. The English have a huge lapse of memory with respect to Ireland.

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Reviews From the Archive

An occasional series, cross-posting my reviews from The Complete Booker.
To see my progress with completing the Complete Booker Challenge, see here.

Troubles, by J G Farrell, was the retrospective winner of the Lost Booker Prize in 1970.

July 7th, 2003

Troubles is the predecessor to The Siege of Krishnapur which won the Booker, and this one won the Faber Memorial Prize in 1970 (and posthumously, the Lost Booker Prize, one which has zero credibility with me because it was determined by popular vote).

Troubles is not as good as The Siege of Krishnapur, but it’s very good in parts. It’s set in Ireland just after WW1 when the Troubles were just beginning. Major Bernard Archer goes to the ill-named and shabby Majestic Hotel (a symbol of the declining British Empire) to sort out an intemperate engagement but ends up falling in love with…

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Thoughts on “Pericles” by William Shakespeare

This play is being streamed to cinemas on September 23 rd from the RSC. Some useful points about this “curate’s egg”!

Stuff Jeff Reads

This was my first time reading this play, and I have mixed feelings about it. There are some things I liked, and a lot that just did not work for me. It is worth noting that in the Introduction to the text, G.B. Harrison points out that scholars believe that Shakespeare only wrote a small part of the play, and that the poor writing which dominates the text is from someone else.

Pericles is still retained in the canon of Shakespeare’s work, though there is little trace of his hand in any passage before Act III. With the third act the style changes and much of the remainder of the play may well b e Shakespeare’s writing, but if so it is Shakespeare far below his best. Most critics are agreed, however, that the prose scenes of the brothel (IV.ii and vi) are undoubtedly his. The earlier scenes of…

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#Non-fiction Bolívar

Sounds like essential reading for understanding South America.


  • Author:  Marie Arana
  • Genre: biography
  • Title:  Bolivar: American Liberator
  • Published:  (2013)
  • Table of Contents: 18 chapters, 468
  • Timeline:  1783 – 1830
  • SettingSouth America
  • Trivia: M. Arana won the LA Times Book Award biography 2014.
  • List of Challenges 2019
  • Monthly reading plan
  • #20BooksOfSummer20



  1. Bolivar was compared to Napoleon or Julius Caesar.
  2. But Bolivar realized that he could unite South America
  3. …freed of Spanish rule, but could not unite the South Americans.
  4. He had to take drastic steps: Bolivar declared himself ‘dictator’
  5. …in August 1828 due to growing internal conflicts among his commanders.
  6. As Bolivar said: “No one achieves greatness with impunity:
  7. No one escapes the fangs of envy along the way”. (pg 406)
  8. There were several assassination attempts
  9. …thought to be instigated by his old friend, and commander F. Santander.
  10. Bolivar used psychological warfare, surprise,
  11. …deception and fear to defeat his enemies.
  12. But he could…

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June 25~ Pride Month

Very interesting artwork!

The Misty Miss Christy

Paul Cadmus and Jared French and Margaret Hoening

There are six links below

Margaret Hoening was a painter and an etcher [who studied] at the Art Students League. There, she met the artist couple Paul Cadmus and Jared French. In 1937, she married French, fifteen years her junior, who had spent the previous decade with Cadmus. The trio formed a tight bond, with Cadmus and French continuing their relationship. Together, the three formed PaJaMa (a mashup of their first names, Paul, Jared, and Margaret).

Self Portrait by Margaret Hoening French
ND / Pencil on Paper / Private collection

Circus Performers and Animals by Margaret Hoening French
ND / Gouache on board / Private collection

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6 – Detail aus meinen Gedanken – nochmehr Iris – Zeichnung von Susanne Haun

Susanne Haun

Detail aus meinen Gedanken, 76 x 56 cm, Tusche auf Hahnemuehle Leonardo Büttenpapier, Zeichnung von Susanne Haun (c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020Detail aus meinen Gedanken, 76 x 56 cm, Tusche auf Hahnemuehle Leonardo Büttenpapier, Zeichnung von Susanne Haun (c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Detail aus meinen Gedanken, 76 x 56 cm, Tusche auf Hahnemuehle Leonardo Büttenpapier, Zeichnung von Susanne Haun (c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020Detail aus meinen Gedanken, 76 x 56 cm, Tusche auf Hahnemuehle Leonardo Büttenpapier, Zeichnung von Susanne Haun (c) VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

In den nächsten Tagen zeige ich euch jeweils ein Detail aus der Zeichnung Aus meinen Gedanken.

Die 76 x 56 cm große Zeichnung ist gerade auf Hahnmühle Leonardo Büttenpapier am Entstehen.

Für mehr Text fehlt mir gerade die Energie.

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Lockdown Litany

dutch east indies architecture | Tempo Doeloe #9 - Bandung, Hotel ...

The usual combination-

a doctor gone to seed and

a rum skipper in the South China Seas,


in accordance with the author’s predilections

a handsome tow haired young man

predictably on the run from some

funny business that sadly

he has done.


A storm arises and shakes

the bored doctor’s equanimity

to the core;

only the crafty wicked sea captain

can negotiate such raging seas.


They arrive to the transparent tranquillity

of a tiny Dutch island.

Finding lodgings and satisfactorily breakfasting

the travellers meet eccentric characters

both esoteric and exotic.


Naturally, a beautiful maiden arrives,

a stunning love scene soon  ensues

involving the tow haired Australian

on the loose from his dirty deed

and the prose flows engagingly enough.


The novelist must tie up his plot.

The women behave in various unladylike ways.

The story clangs, chancy and unreal.

The body count mounts

as fictional fate  mechanically reveals.


You really have to ask yourself

if this is the best use of your time.

Reading this second-rate novel

by this first-rate novelist.


Even then the ending was uncertain,


perhaps prefiguring the postmodern.



#French Jean Barois

Been meaning to read Michael Rosen on Zola in England.


  • Author: R. M. du Gard
  • Title: Jean Barois
  • Published: 1913
  • Genre: historical novel with ‘mise-en-scene’ dialogue
  • fictive characters based on historical persons l’Affaire Dreyfus
  • Contents: 3 parts, 496 pages
  • Language: French
  • Trivia: Nobel Prize 1937
  • #20BooksOfSummer20

1. Explain the title of the book.
Jean Barois is the name of the main character. He grew up in a French provincial town and was educated in a catholic college.

2. What is the predominant element in the story?
Narrative: Du Gard is renowned for the different techniques:
direct dialogue: mise-en-scene
interior monolgue
free direct speech: (the narrator takes on the speech of the character)
“Tu vois, toi…”
tone signifies that… “ Vous savez bien que je ne comprends bien à vos lectures.”
camera effect: – Jean Barois’s business card: the last address lines are crossed out.
In this ‘snapshot’ Barois tells us the Jean is unemployed. (pg 161)

3. Who is…

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Dampfschiff „Fürth“: Bordverpflegung nach Musterrolle

Sehr iinteressant und detailliert!

Das kurze, aber bewegte Leben des Frachtdampfers „Fürth“

Heute gibts Labskaus!

Bildnachweis Titelbild: Musterrolle des Dampfschiffes „Neumünster“, Seite 2, Ausschnitt,
mit freundlicher Genehmigung des © State Records Office of Western Australia, Perth, Cons. 4230/1.03

Die Musterrolle

Von einem Schwesterschiff der „Fürth“, dem Dampfschiff „Neumünster“, ist in Westaustralien eine Musterrolle erhalten, die nach der Beschlagnahmung des Schiffes in Fremantle zu den Gerichtsakten kam und bis heute vom Nationalarchiv aufbewahrt wird (© State Records Office of Western Australia, Perth, Cons. 4230/1.03)

Darin finden sich auch Informationen über die Verpflegung der Seeleute, denn diese musste laut Seemannsordnung in der Musterrolle des jeweiligen Schiffes eingetragen sein.

So schön, wie es die Seemannsordnung von 1902 in der Sprache der damaligen Zeit formuliert, könnte ich das nicht ausdrücken, deshalb hier der Text im Original:

„Insbesondere muß aus der Musterrolle erhellen, was dem Schiffsmanne für den Tag an Speise und Trank gebührt.“
Zitat aus § 14 der Seemannsordnung vom 2. Juni 1902; abgerufen unter

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Guest article: ‘Ten Things I can’t Wait to do in London when the World Reopens’ by Cathryn Goddard

Near to Daunt’s in Marylebone High Street is the Oxfam shop which also has a pretty good selection and CDs too!


I live in the depths of South London and have missed the freedom of the Capital. This isn’t exactly a hardship in the grand scheme things. But when the days are grey and I feel down in lockdown, I think of what I will do when I can fully return to the City I love.

Going down the rabbit hole

I have been so excited for the V&A’s major exhibition of Alice: Adventures in Wonderland, since its announcement in 2019. How could you not be with the lead marketing images? Luckily, according to the museum’s website, the exhibition is postponed for a later date.

I’ve also missed coffee in the V&A’s cafe, designed by William Morris, James Gamble and William Poynter. I love starting my day in this mosaic wonderland with the most spectacular chandelier in London @vam

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Every Autumn, 1-54 brings together the most…

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