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Krowji, Redruth,Kernow – Open Studios December 2014

Krowji-Xmas-OS-2014-low-res_0Linda Crane1Getting to Krowji on a Sunday in December by public transport is a time-consuming business. Servicing the railway and circuitous bus routes turn a simple trip into an epic voyage. At least it affords time to see more new supermarkets, innovative centres in Pool and glimpses of neo-classical architecture in the grand manner. The upper stories of the façades remind one of the prosperity of this area in its heyday.

Under reconstruction in Redruth
Under reconstruction in Redruth

Upon arrival, the bohemian atmosphere in The Melting Pot Cafe, the warmth and the leek and potato soup help to revive after the lengthy journey. The wall of clocks and masques and surreal paraphernalia suggest that a cabaret is about to begin and indeed there is a pianist in cap and bells already upon the stage. This has a timeless and dreamy ambience quite unique and sui generis.
Part image -Linda Crane
Part image -Linda Crane

Moving around the crowded studios, there was a buzz which always seems stronger here where the art is being produced than visiting a gallery. I was particularly attracted to the work of Linda Crane -printmaking and painting but also small sculptures -including a small head which I thought reminiscent of Giacometti. The angular and elongated forms, the expressionist use of paint and the dramatic drawings were intriguing and attractive. My impression too was as though I felt a resonance both with Kokoschka and El Greco. Her work may be seen at and also at where I was surprised to read of her work being in Penzance at the Redwing Gallery.

Flower Studies by Linda Crane
Flower Studies by Linda Crane

I think the fact that her atelier was empty increased my fascination with her display and her portfolio.I think my recent travels may also have influenced my susceptibilities. It is also interesting to research the influence of El Greco on Expressionism- as in the recent exhibition El Greco und die Moderne.(Dusseldorf 2012


4 replies on “Krowji, Redruth,Kernow – Open Studios December 2014”

Yes-I realised that it was down the road but trying to set the context. It was a great day yesterday and I have more to write about the range of brilliant artists and craftspersons! Good to see the developments and hope you get visited from Europe and beyond.

thanks for a lovely review of my work at Krowji open studios. I didnt actually get to meet u when you were there and photographed my work.Hope we meet again.There is private view of Associate artist work at Penwith society of arts in Cornwall St Ives on friday evening the 12 december .I have submitted a sculpture and hope the selection committee will include it in the Christmas show. Linda Crtane

Hi Linda, long shot to get hold of you this way but Naomi can’t cover the print workshop tomorrow so could you call me on 07825611885 to rearrange? Hope you get this, best wishes, Rachael

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