Feeling upset by racist attacks in the UK-so little informed memory of the past


Today is a difficult day for Poland – September 1st marks the beginning of one of the most tragic chapters in the country´s history as well as in the history of the world: at dawn on September 1,1939 German war planes bombed a sleeping little town in the west of the country, Wieluń.
The Second World War did not begin with the Wehrmacht troops breaking the border barrier on a sandy road between the two countries as the propaganda photos had people believe. It began with the German Luftwaffe dropping bombs on sleeping civilians. What followed was the Weltuntergang – the End of the World as the world had known it.
That is why it is particularly touching and inspiring to see that Berlin´s most popular English magazine, the EXBERLINER, devoted its whole September issue to Poles living in Berlin. We are the second biggest nationality group…

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Author: penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

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