Austrian Election 2.0

Another election needing to be carefully watched. Thanks for posting

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Hillary Clinton is all over the news, with the occurrences at the 9/11 memorial.But as I’ve mentioned I’m also following the Austrian election very interested.

Some days ago the next failure in this never ending election led to a postponement, and again the postal vote is in the center of the events. This time it happened before they even voted.

The glue that sealed the envelopes of the postal votes failed. Several voters noticed opening  envelopes and that would mean invalid votes. And a number of invalid votes because of irregular envelopes would make the whole election invalid.

Because the part of the postal voters was over 10%, a legally correct election would not be possible, and so the election was moved back two month. Alexander Van der Bellen, the candidate from the “Greens”  supported this, while his opponent Norbert Hofer was against this decision, because he believes that…

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