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Warenhaus Tietz in Leipziger Straße 46-49 opened on September 26, 1900 (exactly 116 years ago) as the first Tietz department store in Berlin.

Designed by the architect bureau of Lachmann & Zauber, with the facade created by Bernhard Sehring, it was an oversized gauntlet thrown to its biggest competitor, Wertheim, whose largely successful and then biggest department store in Europe stood at the other end of the street, at Leipziger Platz.


Soon the conflict between the two stores escalated and took on what can be described as a comical dimension: it was about the globe. Both companies used a globe as the symbol of their commercial success and both chose to install one on top of the building right over the entrance. Now both sought to win the exclusive right to the said globe as their symbol. Berlin press as well as the readers had splendid time following the developments…

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