Both a Photograph and a Painting: Still Life Arrangements and Portraits by Tineke Stoffels

On Art and Aesthetics

Tineke Stoffels

Seeds, petals, loafs of bread, egg shells, orange peels, pots of honey, jars of oil arranged and exhibited carefully in indoor spaces – photographer Tineke Stoffels (born 1957, Den Helder, the Netherlands) captures the beauty of everyday objects in a style that resembles the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. “One often wonders upon seeing my work,” writes the artist, “whether it’s a photograph or a painting. For me it’s both.”

Tineke’s stunning portfolio is divided into series: “Uyt Eenen Tijt”, “Momento Mori”, “Terroir”, “Recettes Provençales”, et cetera. Each project looks at specific themes, which may be a celebration of local cuisine, a reminder of the transience of life, the splendour of imperfection or the importance of temperance.

“Photography for me as a means of expression is the ideal combination of technology and design,” writes Tineke. “Because I think mainly in pictures, the camera helps me…

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