Used to teach there-great place!!!

Violinist with psychoanalytic twist

I’m still in love with Brixton. Walking down my leafy Victorian street at slate grey 7am, two guys staggering ahead of me, drinking from a can. Turn left into Salturn Road and a couple of junkies ask me for a Rizzler “sorry mate …” Turn right past the Black Cultural Archives and they’ve got some strange garish sculpture which has replaced the glitter boxes and there are a flock of kids who are fresh out of a club draped over the concrete furniture of Windrush Square close to the Black War Heroes Memorial. One of the local schizophrenic celebrities, Marianne, middle-aged but wears several different outfits throughout the day, all variations of a childhood theme, is weaving between people walking along the high street, the SMILE busker wears a skimpy leotard, florescent body paint, his Afro hair in bunches, and dances to 70’s disco like Pans People on speed.


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By penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

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