Literature Poetry

Time for Mediaeval Latin (MS of Benedictbeuern)

The woods are green with branches

And sweet with nightingales,

With gold and blue and scarlet

All flowered are the dales.

Sweet it is to wander

In a place of trees,

Sweeter to pluck roses

And the fleur-de-lys.

But dalliance with a lovely lass

Far surpasseth these.

White Lilies Stock Photo - 9232730

Fronde nemus induitur

iam canit philomena

cum variis coloribus

iam prata sunt amena,

spatiari dulce est

per loca nemorosa,

dulcius est carpere

lilia cum rosa,

dulcissimum est ludere

cum virgine formosa.

(Source- Mediaeval Latin Lyrics by Helen Waddell -Constable and Co-first published 1929)



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