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Tobago Fruits by Roger Robinson

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There was the pink firm flesh of the watermelons.

There were julie mangos that smelled like honey,

yellow bananas with black spots,

rare seasonal caimats weeping milk at their stems,

rows of white yellow pawpaws. I was in transit

in Tobago and had a few hours to kill

before I flew back to England.

I bought green oranges and sliced pineapple

salted and peppered in a clear plastic bag.

She offered me some water and asked Where you from?

From right here. She shook her head You’re not from here lately

She had her hair tied in a bright white headtie

and her army green shirt was buttoned to the top.

If you’re looking for a wife I could cook and clean, maybe?

I ent have no children I doh cause no trouble

I real quiet and lovin’. I looked at her for a minute

and told her that I don’t deserve a woman sweet like her.

She gave me a free extra mango and I kissed her cheek

and on the plane I thought where is home now,

and what will become of my Tobago fruit wife.

(From “In their own words” by Ivory and Szirtes)


By penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

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