D-Rad Taxi and it passenger in 1928 Berlin (author and source of the image unknown).

(The following story has been featured in our first book, “Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion”)

Did you know that between 1925 and the end of 1927 Berlin had a fleet of 180 motorcycle taxis which almost completely replaced the regular car taxi service in many parts of the city? Introduced #OTD 1925 the Motax-Droschke was a well-liked if only temporary form of public transport.

Like the rest of the city, Berlin-Spandau suffered consequences of the raging depression: their taxi service, for instance – a bit of a luxury but also an important means of transportation – collapsed almost entirely. With prices far too high for an average person, customers disappeared and the taxi-drivers were forced to wrap up their business (a catastrophe for their families depending on the driver’s regular income). Central-Berlin taxi companies, on the…

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