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An America cousin writes-a found poem

Spring will be here soon

and how I am looking forward to it.

It doesn’t help

that now I live so close to the water.

Many people around here

go out on the frozen water

drill holes and fish.

They even drive vehicles out

on the ice which I feel is stupid.

Every now and then,

someone falls through the ice and drowns.


We still don’t know many people

in our new area.

People are not as friendly here

as they were at the farm.

I used to like it

when folk stopped in for coffee at the farm.

People just wave here

but never stop in,

though invited to.

I miss the farm a lot

after having lived there

43 years.

Image result for lake michigan frozen

With thanks to my mid-West cousins


By penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

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