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Il giardino autunnale di Dino Campana

Giardino autunnale

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Al giardino spettrale al lauro muto
de le verdi ghirlande
a la terra autunnale
un ultimo saluto!
A l’aride pendici
aspre arrossate nell’estremo sole
confusa di rumori rauchi grida la lontana vita:
grida al morente sole
che insanguina le aiole.
S’intende una fanfara
che straziante sale: il fiume spare
ne le arene dorate; nel silenzio
stanno le bianche statue a capo i ponti
volte: e le cose già non sono più.
E dal fondo silenzio come un coro
tenero e grandioso
sorge ed anela in alto al mio balcone:
e in aroma d’alloro,
in aroma d’alloro acre languente,
tra le statue immortali nel tramonto
ella m’appar, presente.


Autumn garden

A last salute to the spooky garden to the silent laurel
of the green garlands
and the autumn land!

At the arid
rugged slopes reddened in the extreme sun,
confused with raucous noises, the distant life
cries : shouts to the dying sun
that bloody the flowerbeds.
It is meant a fanfare
that is excruciating salt: the river spare
and its golden arenas; in silence
are the white statues at the head of the bridges
sometimes: and things are no longer there.
And from the background, silence like a
tender and grandiose chorus
arises and longs up at my balcony:
and in the aroma of laurel,
in the aroma of bitter, acrid laurel,
among the immortal statues in the sunset
she appeared to me, present.

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Dino Campana, (born Aug. 20, 1885, Marradi, Italy—died March 1, 1932, Florence), innovative Italian lyric poet who is almost as well known for his tragic, flamboyant personality as for his controversial writings.

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