Book Review: ‘The Examined Life’ by Stephen Grosz – Maybe we’re all crazy

I think this is an interesting introduction to psychoanalytical thinking too. Just finished “Unforbidden Pleasures” by Adam Philips in a similar vein.

I Can Only Blame My Shelf

When should you read this book? On a peaceful Sunday morning, while you contemplate your life’s meaning.

The interpretation of illness

I should start this review by saying that I am fascinated by psychoanalysis and the idea that you can talk yourself out of some ailments of the mind.

It’s a bonkers idea that the mind can both make itself unwell and heal itself through the power of thought.

Some people believe that psychoanalysis has meaningful applications in real life and others don’t, but you can’t question the effect the idea of being able to interpret your thoughts and dreams into messages from your subconscious is powerful. And that it’s influenced loads of brilliant literature.

In ‘The Examined Life’, psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz takes us into his therapy room as he speaks to several of his real-life patients, explaining how he uses psychoanalysis to help them bring themselves out of the…

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