Pierre Bonnard’s Journey into Light: Landscapes 1894-1946

Lovely and in my view still contemporary essentially!

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Today, Pierre Bonnard is probably most famous for his paintings of women, particularly those of Marthe in the bath, which I surveyed last week. Throughout his career, even from the years before he met Marthe, he was an avid landscape painter. In researching this series, I have been amazed at the many landscapes which he painted, not just in his later years at Le Cannet, but throughout the period that he worked primarily in the north of France.

Bonnard started painting as a resident in central Paris, and maintained a flat and studio there into his late years. He travelled extensively, though, and in the early twentieth century started to migrate slowly to the south of France, settling in the small town of Le Cannet. In this small selection of some of his finest landscapes, I give simply the title, year, and approximate location of the view.

I hope…

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