Radical Views: Egon Schiele 3, 1914-15

Another stunning posting. Love Schiele’s palette and his feeling for structure;both anatomical and architectural.

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In 1914, Egon Schiele’s works were exhibited around Germany as part of the travelling Werkbund Exhibition, and in Rome, Brussels and Paris. In the summer, he started making drypoint etchings.

schielesmalltown4 Egon Schiele (1890–1918), Krumau an der Moldau (The Small Town III) (1913-14), oil and black chalk on canvas, 99.5 x 120.5 cm, Die Sammlung Leopold, Vienna, Austria. Image by Yelkrokoyade, via Wikimedia Commons.

Krumau an der Moldau (The Small Town III) (1913-14) is based on a view over the town of Krumau from Castle Hill, which is on the opposite bank of the river. Comparison with photographs reveals how faithful this painting is, but Schiele replaced a more modern block of flats at the lower right with a building which appears more in keeping with the mediaeval town.

Although Schiele has continued to remove much of the depth from his view, its buildings still retain some degree of perspective, as…

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