Villa Borsig in Berlin-Moabit in a neighbourhood known as Westfälisches Viertel. Built in 1849 forAugust Borsig in what is now Elberfelder Straße, the grand mansion was erected on Borsig’s land together with company’s own ironworks.

Both were surrounded by an elegant park designed by none other than Peter Joseph Lenné (the Berlin garden and park architect and father of, among many others, the Tiergarten). The villa, first out of three magnificent Borsig Villas, survived for less than a century: after the company’s rapid expansion it became necessary to find a bigger site and Borsig’s own property trust, Neu-Bellevue-Aktiengesellschaft, subdivided the land in Moabit into smaller plots, demolished the villa as well as other buildings and before building new streets, felled nearly all the trees in the old Lenné park. 

The area of today’s Westfallischer Viertel and the Klein Tiergarten on the 1862 Boehm-Plan of Berlin.

The tiny section…

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