Meet The Translator – Ruth Martin

Reading “Dreamers” currently and can see it must have been a real challenge. Think I will eventually get the original to improve my German.An introduction to many interesting characters. My favourite so far is Mann’s Father-in-law, Alfred Pringsheim, the mathematical genius.

Lizzy's Literary Life (Volume One)

Not much preamble needed for this interview; the book jacket above reveals why I was so keen to “meet” translator Ruth Martin during GLM VIII, and my review of “Dreamers” will be published on the European Literature Network later this month.

Hi, Ruth, welcome to the blog,

Volker Weidermann’s “Dreamers” is one of my most anticipated titles of 2018, as his previous release was my 2016 Book of the Year.  How did you get the commission? Was it a dream to translate or was it full of knotty challenges?

“The Summer Before The Dark” was translated by the late Carol Brown Janeway (who was also my editor at Knopf), so I already knew I had some big shoes to fill when I was approached by Adam Freudenheim, the publisher at Pushkin. It was both a dream and full of knotty challenges! Translating Volker Weidermann is a delight, but I wasn’t…

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