Adventures in Bohemia

Fascinating posting and covers so much. Been reading a Viennese writer, Thomas Bernhard and wishing I was there too!

the adventurous ethnographer

Come here, all you Bohemians, seafarers, dock whores, and ships
unanchored. Don’t you want to be Bohemians, all you Illyrians,
Veronese and Venetians. Play the comedies that make us laugh

until we cry.

Bohemia Lies by the Sea‘ by Ingeborg Bachmann

I was staring out of the train window enjoying getting lost in my thoughts. My mind wandered back to the last few days I had spent in Vienna where I had been joyously reacquainting myself with its streets again since my trip last year. This included doing my usual favourites: mooching into small vintage shops, taking pictures of all the shop signs, meeting friends for wine, frequenting those old coffee houses for apple strudel. I did some new things too: visited some new galleries and exhibitions and shrugged off the searing heat by swimming in the public lake just outside the city. Vienna will always be a…

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