Vallotton @ RA

Well I really liked the Vallotton for several reasons. Firstly because he seemed quite modern. He was also concerned with dramatic situations, like Munch. He seemed to me to enjoy aspects of the city as in his triptych. I thought his self portraits interesting and his analysis of familial relationships. He was interested in making novel prints. I liked his portrait of the famous Gertrude Stein. He seemed sensitive too to the outbreak of the First World War. Fascinating on many levels. Hadn’t time for the other exhibition.


I visited the Felix Vallotton exhibition, imagining it would far exceed my estimation of the Helene Schjerfbeck show, also on display here. In fact, I found the comparison incredibly rewarding (I revisited Schjerfbeck afterwards) and actually changed a few of my opinions about her and indeed the exhibition. On that note, YES I do think blog posts can and should sometimes say ‘look, I was wrong there.’ It’s something that so many fail to do nowadays, like we’re all oh so set in our opinions and prejudices that we never put on different lenses and see in a new light. Well, I do, and I’m not ashamed. I feel it’s enriching to return to exhibitions, especially with someone new, who can lend their own perspectives. I’m sick of singularity. Let’s change our minds, let’s fight, I’m so bloody bored of safeness and being told to like something because it’s worthy…

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