Stanley Kubrick @ Design Museum

Interesting comments. I found it fascinating too as well as very crowded. Lots to take in but did show Kubrick was a real master of his craft.


I suppose I can’t complain considering it is the final day of the exhibition (though I get the impression that this particular display didn’t really have a ‘quiet’ period), but Stanley Kubrick is packed!

I pretty much bypass the entire first section, which is a huge shame but I literally cannot get near. The only aspect of this first introductory section that I am able to spend any time with are the rather wonderful posters designed for Kubrick’s films. What an art it is to convey the mood and suggest the plot of a film with such simplicity. Nearby, there is further insight into this fascinating process behind these posters, with an emphasis on Kubrick’s perfectionism. This is apparent in his annotations of Saul Bass’ poster designs for the Shining. ‘Unreadable’, is Kubrick’s most common criticism, but he also insists the use of the maze is misleading — clearly he…

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