Obsessed by devotion

A great poet and good to see new English translation too.

Poems of Nelly Sachs in English


Obsessed by devotion
and kissing the irons
and kneeling low before love
Gradually daylight
Intruding into the house of the dead
To be gathered up
Into the dream

Move mountains
Through the slit of a window
Evening in blood
Pain possessed
A key in the lock
No letter willing to stay written
And the door is a heart thrown open

And to tally the seasons
In the dark
Who can do that

The past of this morning
Put to flight
Future only in the lines of your hand
And there once and
Never again thus it is written

Marja in flames
The house of the dead in flames
Ice and key and mute
And now this minute
Never again –

Besessen von Hingabe
und küssend das Eisen
und auf den Knien vor der Liebe
Stückweise der Tag
eindringend in das Totenhaus
und ihn zu sammeln
zum Traum

Berge versetzen

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