Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Park & the little sculpture by the sea

Well welcome to Cornwall and to St Ives! Glad you enjoyed it and that sculpture garden is very lovely as your photographs show. There is more about Barbara Hepworth in the Penlee Gardens in Penzance including a lovely hospital sketch!


Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Park

One sculpture holds a pool of water, a remnant from the rainy day. In it floats a single insect that must be dead but could be merely floating and I watch as the water’s reflection plays on the upper part of the work’s inner surface.


It is quite entrancing to watch – the fluidity of the marks on the smooth surface matching its sweeping curves. What a contrast to the curated gallery encounter. Stupidly, I imagined a horrified museum tour guide discovering the water and exclaiming absurdly, ‘how did this happen?’


The signs say do not touch but I only see this afterwards and so I touch. It would be hard to resist the impulse anyway – outreach my hand toward the pockled green slate who has last been brushed by the winding branch or the delicate petal perhaps. The circular formed embracing – tempted…

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