Café Central

Great place- history and literature created there!!

Viennese Mademoiselle

A typical day in my life would include waking up and turning on the coffee maker. A breakfast would be concluded by a piece of toast with something on top and off to uni or work we go. Yet, there are those special days when I have nowhere to rush to and then, my friends, I go for a brunch with my close ones.

Brunching deserves its own post, so some day I will write about that on the blog too. However, today we are heading for one specific place and manily Café Central. One of the “institutions” when it comes to coffee culture in Vienna and a favorite place to many authors and artists throught the past hundred years. Whenever you think of a traditional coffee house around the city, this would be it. So without further adew let’s get to it.

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By penwithlit

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