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Mix and Match by Creative Curation

A few days ago I visited an interesting exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery in London. This consisted of around 12 paintings from New York Artist, Elizabeth Peyton. They were small colourful paintings in formats relating to people, films and so on. These works were widely dispersed in what seems a random manner, presumably to get viewers to compare with other works in the Gallery. I am somewhat unsure that this makes very good sense.

  • On the way to these widely diffused small portraits it was however, pleasant to see this painting. A little reminder of better days when unions protected people.
  • Gormley et al.

    A day or two later in Paris I visited the Petit Palais. Here contemporary paintings by Tan Pei Ming were sensibly displayed among the Courbets in a small but rather better thought out presentation. In many canvases there was some connection by the modern with the French master.

  • Pei-Ming next to Courbet's painting of Proudhon
    Yan Pei Ming beside Courbet’s painting of Proudhon

    In conclusion, it was pleasant that both expose were free but the curation should allow the visitor to concentrate on the paintings on view.

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