Thank you

Sweet and full of gratitude!

Emerging From The Dark Night

Thank you for letting me be

The person I was born to be

Thank you for understanding

And helping to set free

All of the trapped feelings that live inside of me

And for reminding me that everything I feel makes sense

Even when other’s say it is nonsense

Thank you for seeing deep into the heart of me

For bearing witness to scars and pain

Others may rather I gloss over or remain


Thank you for the happiness you remind me

Is my natural birthright

For always supporting and understanding the little one in me

Who was often so desperately alone, angry, sad

Or deeply lonely

Thank you for letting this part of me live and express

So another part of me can learn to show it

Validation and tenderness

For all of this I say to you

From the very bottom of my heart

Thank you!

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By penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

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