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I think the stupidity of Brexit and it’s aftermath has left me with a sort of “gueule de bois”. Yesterday’s bêtise was nasty Dulwich boyo, Farage on television and radio- vindictive and seemingly energised.

La gueule de bois ou GDB est une sensation inconfortable qui se manifeste à la suite d’une consommation excessive de boisson alcoolisée. Elle apparaît 6 à 8 heures après la consommation d’alcool, lorsque l’alcoolémie diminue, et elle atteint un maximum lorsque l’alcoolémie redevient nulle.

Now this phrase came out of the currently available Paris Match. There in relation to the worker’s cafe, la Rotande, which seems to be closing in historic Montraparnasse . The magazine now seems more expensive as the pound sinks.It is now three quid!

There is in Paris Match some interesting material on the rise of the extreme right in Italy. So, rather ironically, it would seem that despite first appearances, this creeping authoritarian populism is a widespread European phenomenon. The international element of traditional and democratic socialism somewhat muted.


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