‘The brimming world.’ A micro-anthology of poems about rain

It's only chemo

  1. Rain, Ted Hughes, ‘Every half-ton cow/Sinks to the fetlock at every sliding stride.’
  2. Rain, Don Paterson, ‘I love all films that start with rain:/rain, braiding a windowpane/or darkening a hung-out dress…’
  3. Rain, Jack Gilbert, ‘Joy has been a habit./Now/Suddenly/This rain.’
  4. Rain, Edward Thomas, ‘Blessed are the dead that the rain rains upon.’
  5. Marengo, Mary Oliver, ‘When I have to die, I would like to die/on a day of rain.’
  6. Rain Light, W.S. Merwin, ‘look at the old house in the dawn rain/all the flowers are forms of water’ (audio/video)
  7. Sestina, Elizabeth Bishop, ‘the child/is watching the teakettle’s small hard tears/dance like mad on the hot black stove,/the way the rain must dance on the house.’
  8. Spring Storm, William Carlos Williams, ‘It collects swiftly,/dappled with black/cuts a way for itself/through green ice in the gutters.’
  9. King Lear, III.ii, Shakespeare, ‘You…

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