A micro-anthology of Imagist poems

Been meaning to read some Pound as well. Thanks for this- useful and interesting.

It's only chemo

  1. Autumn, T.E. Hulme, ‘i walked abroad,/And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge.’
  2. Eurydice, H.D.,’Fringe upon fringe/of blue crocuses,/crocuses, walled against blue of themselves,/blue of that upper earth,/blue of the depth upon depth of flowers,/lost;’
  3. Blizzard, William Carlos Williams, ‘Hairy looking trees stand out/in long alleys/over a wild solitude.’
  4. The Blue Scarf, Amy Lowell, ‘How loud clocks can tick when a room is empty, and one is alone!’
  5. Madrigal, Richard Aldington, ‘But daylight brought no slumber to my pain.’

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