#French L’Été

Camus clearly in vogue at the moment! Thanks for this!


  1. Author: A. Camus
  2. Title: L’Été    (essay)
  3. Published 1939


  1. I must channel my thoughts into a French book.
  2. It is the only way I can stay focused during Corona lockdown.
  3. Reading a third language (…Dutch is my second)
  4. will make reading interactive
  5. …the words on the page vs the words I have to look up!
  6. The book wasn’t difficult but I should have read an
  7. ..ol’ fashioned crime fiction to kick-start my French reading.
  8. Oran Algeria is nice….but I wouldn’t want to live there.
  9. My last French book was in July 2019
  10. …so my vocabulary was a little rusty.
  11. #NeverGiveUp

L’Été   by Albert Camus

  1. Albert Camus compares Oran Algeria to a labyrinth in this essay.
  2. It is a closed space in which people go around in circles.
  3. Their lives are filled with boredom and futility.
  4. All beauty (man-made or natural) has been eliminated.
  5. Oran is a a…

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