Guest article: ‘Ten Things I can’t Wait to do in London when the World Reopens’ by Cathryn Goddard

Near to Daunt’s in Marylebone High Street is the Oxfam shop which also has a pretty good selection and CDs too!


I live in the depths of South London and have missed the freedom of the Capital. This isn’t exactly a hardship in the grand scheme things. But when the days are grey and I feel down in lockdown, I think of what I will do when I can fully return to the City I love.

Going down the rabbit hole

I have been so excited for the V&A’s major exhibition of Alice: Adventures in Wonderland, since its announcement in 2019. How could you not be with the lead marketing images? Luckily, according to the museum’s website, the exhibition is postponed for a later date.

I’ve also missed coffee in the V&A’s cafe, designed by William Morris, James Gamble and William Poynter. I love starting my day in this mosaic wonderland with the most spectacular chandelier in London @vam

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Every Autumn, 1-54 brings together the most…

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