February 2021 TBR

Which is the Stefan Zweig? A great writer imho! Hope you had a great Birthday and you prompted my memories for Vermouth which I seem to remember was a favourite tipple of W.H.Auden!

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I had a birthday this week, so my TBR pile, officially already out of control, has become even more so.

Four books arrived from my parents, I unwrapped a book each from my son and my youngest daughter, and a pal dropped off a book, so my new pile looks like this (including the two books at the front that I was already reading):

I’m expecting to review the French TV series Call My Agent for the blog this month, plus Tahmima Anam’s first novel ‘A Golden Age’, set in Bangladesh, and Jacob Ross’s Caribbean crime novel ‘The Bone Readers’. I’ll also be looking at the work of Malian photographer Seydou Keita and reviewing a heart-warming romantic movie from Niger.

Meanwhile, in a little extra birthday news, my eldest daughter made me a fab frog cake, and I have some daffodils blooming in my little kitchen. Enjoying some simple…

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