Gustave Loiseau: Falaises de Saint-Jouin (1907)

These are beautifully pellucid paintings- evocative in their delicacy.

At Sunnyside - Where Truth and Beauty Meet

Gustave Loiseau, 1865 – 1935, FALAISES DE SAINT-JOUIN (1907), Signed G Loiseau (lower right);inscribedFalaises de Normandie- St Jouinand dated1907 (on the stretcher), Oil on canvas, 25 5/8 by 31 7/8 in., 65.2 by 81 cm, Image via Sotheby’s.,

Who Is Gustave Loiseau?

Gustave Loiseau (3 October 1865–10 October 1935) was a French Post-Impressionist painter, remembered above all for his landscapes and scenes of Paris streets. [1]Wikipedia

Loiseau and the Coasts of Normandy

Born in Paris in 1865, Gustave Loiseau, like many of the Impressionist painters, found inspiration in the coast of Normandy. InFalaises de Saint-Jouin, Loiseau eliminates almost every sign of human presence, choosing instead to focus on nature itself.The composition is anchored by the dramatic cliffs on the right, and framed by a wide expanse of sea and sky.


Gustave Loiseau, 1865 – 1935, FALAISES DE SAINT-JOUIN (1907), Signed G Loiseau

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