#PoetryMonth Surge



  1. For those readers of Jay Bernard’s debut Surge who are
  2. not familiar with the historical event to which it responds,
  3. there is a carefully detailed author’s foreword.
  4. On 18 January 1981, 13 black teenagers were killed in a
  5. house fire that engulfed a birthday party at in south-east London.
  6. Although the New Cross Fire is still in living memory,
  7. Jay Bernard is seeking to introduce it to a new generation
  8. …to make history live and remind readers these are both statistics and people.


  1. I haven’t even opened the book but I feel this will be an emotional journey.
  2. This time I’m reading the book while  listening to the audio book.
  3. I will just let Bernard’s words wash over me.
  4. Each poem has a different voice…a gathering…

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