Ego-ideal (Freudian Psychoanalysis)

This is very useful as it explains Lacanian terms in a shorthand, convenient form. There is much to be said for promoting dialogue, it seems to me with Kleinian and object relation theorists.

The Philosophy of Right - Philosophical Journal


French:idéal du moi

Sigmund Freud

Ego-Ideal, Ideal Ego and Superego

InFreud‘s writings, it is difficult to discern any systematicdistinctionbetween thethreerelatedtermsego-ideal” (Ich-ideal), “ideal ego” (Ideal Ich), andsuperego(Über-Ich), although neither are the terms simply used interchangeably.

Jacques Lacan

Lacan, however, argues that these three “formations of the ego” are each quite distinctconceptswhich must not be confused with oneanother.

Ego-Ideal and Superego

In his pre-war writingsLacanis mainly concerned to establish a distinction between theego-idealand thesuperego, and does not refer to theideal ego.

Identification with the Father

Although both theego-idealand thesuperegoare linked with the decline of theOedipus complex, and both are products ofidentificationwith thefather,Lacanargues…

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