Hilary Roberts on German and British Photography in Greece 1940-1945

A detailed and fascinating article. It makes me wonder if the photography by various guerrilla and clandestine groups got as much attention as that of these “regular” forces.

Greek Photographic History

via Greek News Agenda

(published 8 May 2019)

All photographs:  Imperial War Museums, the German Federal Archives/Bundesarchiv and Hilary Roberts.

HilaryCollageDuring WWII, Athens remained under Axis occupation from April 1941 to October 1944. The international conference “The Occupier’s Gaze: Athens in the Photographs of the German Soldiers, 1941-1944” held by the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, on 12 April 2019, shed light on rare historical evidence, illustrating an aspect of that time we do not often think about: the way the occupied Greece, with its reach history and symbolisms for European culture, was viewed by the conquering forces.

Greek News Agenda spoke* with Hilary Roberts of the Imperial War Museums (IWM), regarding her paper presented at the conference, titled “A Foreign Perspective: German and British Photography in Greece 1940-1945”; drawing on the photographic collections of the German…

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