The You-I Event: 5. The repressed unconscious

This is interesting but I probably need to read it over several times to accept or absorb it. It fits in with what is called relational psychoanalysis and Martin Buber that I have heard about recently. I will publish this and see if itis punished!!

Stephen Langfur: The You-I Event

Once self-talk has been established, the self is no longer consciously experienced as a gift from a flesh-and-blood Other (see the previous blogs, starting here). Playing the role of this or that Other when talking to myself, I bestow my own self-awareness, which is now automatic, predictable, secure, and therefore rather boring. Also, the You no longer appears in the aura of importance that she had when she made me self-aware, because I no longer need her for that: I do it myself. Self-talk precludes the You (see the third blog). There remains, however, an unconscious yearning for the original joy and richness. The yearning is countered by dread of reverting to absolute dependence.

Note that the self-talker’s unconscious yearning for a precluded You has a parallel, at an earlier stage, in the infant’s conscious yearning for the absent carer. What does the infant do with her yearning?…

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