#Paris in July 2021 “Charlotte”

There has been so much discussion about her. Her self portrait is magnificent. Thanks again for this delightful post!


  • Author:  David Foenkinos
  • Genre:  adapted  biography
  • Title:  Charlotte
  • Published:  2014
  • Language: French (also available in English)
  • Setting: France and Germany
  • Timeline: 1913 – 1943 
  • Trivia: This book won Le  Prix Renaudot 2014 .
  • #ParisInJuly


  • Charlotte learned to read her first name on a tombstone.
  • This is the first line of the book. She was named after her aunt who committed suicide.
  • Death is at the heart of Charlotte’s life.
  • Charlotte Salomon was born in 1917, to Albert Salomon, a surgeon, and Fraziska Grunwald.
  • The Salomon’s were a liberal family that defined themselves as “Germans of the Mosaic persuasion.”
  • In 1939, after Kristallnacht, Charlotte was forced to leave her home in Germany, and she moved to her grandparent’s home in France.
  • The book begins with Charlotte’s aunt’s suicide.
  • Foenkinos goes on to tell the story of Charlotte’s life and that of her family during World War…

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