Last week to see Louise Bourgeois Cells in Munich, Germany

I saw these when I visited Munich and the works and in particular that setting- with its history left a deep impression on me. See also

Munich Artists

I went to the press conference when the exhibition opened and shared some photographs on our Munich Artists Facebook Page.  Now the exhibition is getting ready to close and I would love for you to run over to the Haus der Kunst and see the cells before they move on to their next destination.

If you don’t know this artist, here is a link to Louise Bourgeois’s Wiki page.

Haus der Kunst Cells Louise b

Louise Bourgeois structure of existence: Cells

If you hate going to Munich museums by yourself, I will be going with another Munich Artist tomorrow at 1000.  Just email me beforehand and you can meet me at my studio at Frauenstrasse 18. The cost of the exhibition is 12 Euro.  I have a yearly pass to the museum which is 50 Euro. (BUT don’t get a discount at the bookstore. The museum said I was lucky enough to get the 50…

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