Central European Dispute Unresolved; Coal Miners’ Strike In West Virginia

Fascinating – apparently in Burgenland today, the voting age is just 16.

Key News Events of the New Century

Today 8,000 Austrian troops entered the disputed province of Burgenland, which we reported on two days ago. Armed Hungarians had seized the town of Oedenburg in contravention of the Versailles treaty. The Austrian aim was to drive out the unauthorized intruders, but they have so far failed to dislodge them.

Thousands of coal miners are on strike in West Virginia, and the mine-owners have hired strikebreakers. Both sides have armed themselves, and blood-shed seems imminent. In response, President Harding has delivered an ultimatum to the miners: if they do not disperse by noon on Thursday, the 1st of September, he shall declare martial law in the five affected counties, and Army troops will be deployed.


Bill (to sick friend, who, with lots of others, is suffering from nausea on ship board): “What’s the matter? Weak stomach?”

Sick Friend (Indignantly): “What makes you think I’ve got a…

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