Turkey month

Interesting! I visited both Greece and Turkey back around 1970. It was in a mini-trek, the inexpensive travel of a group in a van that was prevalent at that time. I found the people friendly and Gallipoli deeply sad, leaving an unforgettable impression. Most astoundingly beautiful was Prices Island whose history I learnt of since.

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In the summer, feeling wistful for a holiday abroad and wanting to think of something to interest the kids now they’re not little, I signed up for a subscription service called Snack Surprise. Every month they send me a box of snacks from a mystery country.

The box that we received in September was full of Turkish treats, including Turkish delight, of course, but also a new (to us) version of Doritos, a can of mysterious fizzy drink, some chocolate, sweets. It was actually genuinely quite exciting to open up the box and found out what was inside, and what country everything was from.

There was a little booklet with interesting, possibly dubious facts about Turkey (“Camel wrestling tournaments, held throughout the Aegean region in the winter, and bull wrestling near the Black Sea, are also popular”), and a list of all the items in the box, with the option…

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