Hemingway’s Paris: An Entity of Its Own

I read this quite recently and agree that there is so much packed into a small space. I seem also to remember horse races and a visit to the mountains. Good that Eurostar is back in operation once again!!

Courtenay's Corner

Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ is a novel that was published posthumously. The book was born from a journal found in a suitcase in The Ritz for almost thirty years. Hemingway had been having lunch in 1956 with the hotel’s chairman when he was asked if he was aware that he had left trunks there in 1930. Ernest did not remember leaving them there, but he vaguely remembered that Louis Vuitton had gifted him a trunk. He eventually had them brought up to his room, and when he opened them, he found a journal containing notes from his time in Paris. This memoir details Ernest Hemingway’s experiences in 1920s Paris. There has and always will be a romantic smog to the dreams we have of Paris. Hemingway captures that beautifully in this short book.

He details his daily eating and drinking routine in the pretty cafés that lined the streets. Squirrelling…

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