Painting Everyday London: 8 Douglas Fox Pitt

Lovely use of colour and interesting perspectives!

The Eclectic Light Company

Walter Sickert and the founders of the Camden Town Group restricted its membership to sixteen men, but there were several other men and women artists who were strongly associated with it. One of the more fascinating and productive of the outer circle was Douglas Fox Pitt (1864–1922), son of Augustus Lane Fox who is better known under his later name of Lieutenant-General Fox Pitt Rivers, whose anthropological and archaeological collection formed the basis of the Pitt Rivers Museum in the University of Oxford.

Fox Pitt Rivers, the father, had been born Augustus Lane Fox, and changed his name when he inherited a country estate substantial enough to support him and his family in the style that they desired. Young Douglas Fox Pitt didn’t need to work, and found it hard to choose an occupation. He initially started to train as an architect, then went to Canada and South America to…

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